Generation Z are loud and proud about who they are. With the generation gap widening every decade, they’ve grown up in a completely different world to their parents. Educated by the internet and fueled by social media, they’re tired of previous generations’ attitudes towards politics and social norms. This generation are woke, active, and ready to change the world!

Woke (verb) def: to be aware. Aware of the many social and political issues we face today and actively educating yourself about them rather than ignoring them. Especially linked to issues relating to racism, gender, homophobia and social injustice. Are you woke?



By bringing period blood out of the dark, onto our screens and into the conversation Body Form are paving a positive path for women of the future!

Fight Climate Change

All over the world young people are suing their Governments! Arguing that their rights to life, liberty and property are being violated by runaway climate change. Here are six ways you can reduce your own contribution.


There has been a huge rise in the popularity of Documentaries in Gen Z, they are big on educating themselves on social issues - there are loads of popular Louis Theroux Tee's floating about the web at the moment!

First Transgender Playmate

Playboy  tweeted out this last week: "Being a woman is just being a woman." Meet November 2017 Playmate Ines Rau, the first transgender Playmate. 

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