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Perhaps not so political, but this young fashionista has taken IG by storm - we NEED her wardrobe

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Childrenswear Goes Genderless

JOHN LEWIS has become the first major UK store to remove boy’s and girl’s labels from children’s clothing “We do not want to reinforce gender stereotypes... so that the parent or child can choose what they would like to wear.”

Teen Vogue's Website

The first of the 7 section available is News and Politics, even before fashion. This gives a clear indication of the priorities of their young audience; the normal Vogue site has no news section at all.

Customise It

Badges, patches, stickers and pins. Customisation is huge in kids clothing and products - lots of emphasis on individualism and expressing yourself. 

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Generation Z are loud and proud about who they are. With the generation gap widening every decade, they’ve grown up in a completely different world to their parents. Educated by the internet and fueled by social media, they’re tired of previous generations’ attitudes towards politics and social norms. This generation are woke, active, and ready to change the world!

Woke (verb) def: to be aware. Aware of the many social and political issues we face today and actively educating yourself about them rather than ignoring them. Especially linked to issues relating to racism, gender, homophobia and social injustice. Are you woke?

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