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Design Agency Snask worked with Swedish fashion brand Monki to celebrate and empower women through 10 statements

GUCCI Goes Fur Free

CEO Marco Bizzarri has announced the brand will be fur free from S/S18. "I asked around 150 young people working for Gucci across the world to tell me three things wrong with Gucci... kids are more intelligent and more confident than us"

The Slogan

Gen Z brought back the slogan Tee. But there are many questions raised around this, EG: a fashion house benefiting from selling 'girl power' Tshirts for £100 each, yet not having equal pay in their own company structure.

PP Fashion Week Badges

The biggest trend in 2017 for fashion - on the runways and streets - has been political activism. New York fashion week this year teamed up with Planned Parenthood to raise awareness. 

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Generation Z are loud and proud about who they are. With the generation gap widening every decade, they’ve grown up in a completely different world to their parents. Educated by the internet and fueled by social media, they’re tired of previous generations’ attitudes towards politics and social norms. This generation are woke, active, and ready to change the world!

Woke (verb) def: to be aware. Aware of the many social and political issues we face today and actively educating yourself about them rather than ignoring them. Especially linked to issues relating to racism, gender, homophobia and social injustice. Are you woke?

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