The tattoo artist Kat Von Dee is launching these rainbow brow pomades for ladies with coloured hair.
All of her ranges are also #crueltyfree !


'Go Play' is the fun, experimental and genderless attitude to ASOS's new face & body page launch - so cool! The campaign promotes a forward thinking, expressive and inclusive attitude to beauty.

Bleach London

This London based Salon has relaunched it's hair colouring range, this time releasing bright and playful colour cosmetics also. All their products make use of sustainable packaging and are vegan!

Fenty Beauty

Only praise seems to have come Rihanna's way for Fenty Beauty, the most significant has been about how inclusive her collection is, with 40 shades of foundation!

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Generation Z are loud and proud about who they are. With the generation gap widening every decade, they’ve grown up in a completely different world to their parents. Educated by the internet and fueled by social media, they’re tired of previous generations’ attitudes towards politics and social norms. This generation are woke, active, and ready to change the world!

Woke (verb) def: to be aware. Aware of the many social and political issues we face today and actively educating yourself about them rather than ignoring them. Especially linked to issues relating to racism, gender, homophobia and social injustice. Are you woke?

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