Our mood is the filter through which we see the world – it affects everything.  Online, #CurrentMood is the tag used to share emotions, reactions and memes. And we’re seeing these terms trending.The driving force behind this is the way we feel about ourselves. According to the NIMH, an incredible 18% of the population now suffer from anxiety. There are so many pressures of modern life weighing us down. We spend our lives online, being bombarded with a curated and filtered version of our friends’ lives. We’re force-fed unachievable standards all day, every day. It seems that mental health, wellbeing and digital fatigue are the buzzwords of the moment.Our MOOD trend represents the fight against all this: exercise brings clarity, beauty becomes self-care and natural elements help calm the mind.


Glow Night Light

A nightlight with removable, illuminated Glo balls. To help kids fall asleep as they slowly fade over 30 mins, and can be used as a torch to go to the bathroom.


Anxiety is becoming more common amongst children, people are working towards it becoming less of a taboo topic by openly talking about it. Positive slogans on products have become popular that re-enforcing this message.

Worry Monster

A teddy to soothe worries and help with nightmares. Children can write or draw a picture of something that worries them and the worry monster will eat it up. Places the worry in the monsters mouth, and zip it up.

Childrens Yoga

Yoga for kids is becoming increasingly common, popping up in physical education programs. It is used as a relaxation technique to help anxious kids combat the stresses of everyday life.

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