Generation Z are loud and proud about who they are, with the generation gap widening every decade they have grown up in a completely different world to their parents. Educated by the internet and fueled by social media they are tiered of previous generations attitudes towards politics and injustice, this generation are WOKE, active and ready to change the world!

WOKE (verb) def:  Meaning to be aware. Aware of the many social and political issues we face today and actively educating yourself about them rather than ignoring them. Especially linked to issues relating to racism, gender, homophobia and social injustice. Are you woke?


A Youtube channel full of at home pilates tutorials and inspiration. On the website there are also workout sheets that you can print and take to the gym!

From Shoreditch to Margate

Calm is one of the popular meditation apps, you can choose from an assortment of guided meditation experiences. The selections range from three-minute to 25-minute sessions.

Head Space

Headspace is a great app for people just starting out, with 10 newbie-focused 10-minute meditation exercises, known as Take 10. It’s designed to help you quickly understand what the practice is all about.

The Mindfullness App

This app comes packed with features, including a five-day guided meditation practice, meditation reminders, personalised meditation offers, and timers for keeping you on track.

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