On this site you can find yoga weekends away all over the country - just pop in when and where you are available and take your pick!

How To Sleep Better

We’re supposed to be getting between six and nine hours of blissful sleep every night. But with the frantic pace of modern life, how plausible is that now?  Vogue gives us some tips and advice.

From Shoreditch To Margate

The stresses of London life can have a huge impact on your mental health. Once a dishevelled seaside town, Margate has been luring in young creatives with its promises of coastline, fresh air, culture, art - and cheaper rents.

Lu Lu Lemon

Sometimes it takes a little more than gear to get out and get moving. Lu Lu Lemon share stories to give you that extra kick in the (stretchy) pants so you can go out and live #sweatlife.

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