Riposte Magazine is a new magazine on the scene, empowering women through their bold features and interviews covering all things from art and design to business, politics, travel and innovation.  ‘Our interviews are honest rather than being full of media trained responses as the women we feature candidly discuss their successes & failures, their work, their passions and perspectives’


Riposte was nominated for the Design Museum, Designs of the Year Award and was awarded a gold European Design Award.


Each month Riposte explores a different event all with the same theme: to showcase brilliant women. They teamed up with edgy hackney restaurant Rita’s & we decided to go along to their exclusive 3 course dinner with inspiring talks between each course.

The event was hosted at the KK Outlet Gallery in Hoxton and upon entering we were greeted with a delicious smokey gin infused cocktail & fresh oysters. The gallery featured plenty of fresh artists talent, (lots of boob related pottery) bright prints, t-shirts & postcards etc for sale.

The dinner itself was an intimate setting of around 40 people – two long tables tightly packed with plenty of creative people from varied backgrounds – designers, illustrators, journalists, musicians, editors, social media guru’s and plenty more. There was an instant babble of conversation (perhaps slightly aided by the tequila fruit jelly’s!).

RIPOSTE & RITA's - Women Rock

The dinner’s speakers were fresh off the scene Kelly Anna, Artist & Print Designer and Chrystal Genesis from the Podcast Stance.  Both gave an honest raw insight into their background and story to how they got to where they are today.


Chrystal grew up in Brixton with Jamaican, British roots. She began her story with her mediocre GSCE results and said she was encouraged by teachers to become a hairdresser (despite her self confessed lack of talent in this department..) She soon paved the way and was the first in her large family to go to university and progress with completing a masters in journalism. 


She started her podcast Stance after becoming frustrated with the lack of diverse women’s voices being heard about culture and current affairs. Stance was this year voted ‘Best Podcasts of the Year’ by the Observer.

Kelly Anna’s background is in ballroom dancing, athletics & fashion illustration. It is this unique combination as well as her love of Matisse and Hockney, that have given her the unique bold and recognisable style. Many of her punchy designs are centred around accentuating women’s curves and portraying them as strong and athletic. This year she did and exciting collaboration with Nike where she designed a give away Tote Bag for the campaign she self titled ‘Never Tame your Game’.