People are aware and tired of being lied to about what’s in their products. Synthetic ingredients, shapes and finishes are easy to mass produce – they know this and want something more. It’s expensive for brands to be substantial, transparent and honest, and these traits are seen as luxurious.

Vegan beauty, superfood ingredients, sustainable packaging, ethical sourcing – these are all important topics,which are thrown into the limelight by  the values central to this trend.

Think earthy tones, natural textures, ceramics, powders and ‘I brought this back from my gap-year’ kind of vibes.
This trend wants to save the planet (but feel pampered whilst doing so)!



This bold, fresh, Thai and vegan market stool can be found all over London at Markets & Festivals!

They take part in the vegan festival at Kings Cross.

Eco Friendly Glitter!

Glitter is essentially just teeny, tiny bits of pretty plastic. Plastic never breaks down. Luckily, biodegradable options are now available!

The Mountain Burning Festival

This festival originated from a boundary dispute between two temples, the dead grass is set on fire on an inactive volcano. An amazing festival to go and experience! Nara, Japan

Wilderness Festival

An amazing family festival "Our home is a nature reserve, and the deer need it spotless... a strict ‘Leave No Trace’ policy: If you see confetti, it’s biodegradable."

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