People are aware and tired of being lied to about what is in their products. Synthetic ingredients, shapes and finishes are easy to mass produce – they know this and want something more. It’s expensive for brands to be substantial, transparent and honest, its luxurious.

Vegan beauty, superfood ingredients, sustainable packaging, ethical sourcing – these are all important topics and are brought into the lime light by this trend's customer's priorities.

Think earthy tones, natural textures, ceramics, powders and ‘I brought this back from my gap-year’ kind of vibes.
This trend wants to save the planet (but wants to feel pampered whilst doing so)!

Persian Rugs

Soft furnishings are vital for nailing this trend, a mix of textures and fabrics add the depth and cosiness. A huge trend at the moment is the traditional Persian rug, even for in the kitchen.


Ceramic and hand crafted finishes are perfect for this trend and feel super luxurious to the touch. 

Burnt Orange

Orange is a massive colour at the moment for interiors - it can give a vintage 70's feel, or give a bohemian, spicy warmth.

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Natural fibers & weaving

These textures are everywhere!
Woven baskets are used to house soft furnishings and plants, flat woven rugs are huge too!

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