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The Big Apple. The Concrete Jungle. The City That Never Sleeps.

There's no place like New York City.

Style and Culture

New York is a city of many reputations, there are just so many angles you can approach this culture monster from - our last trip we chose Tech. This trip we chose beauty, style and product.

As well as just soaking up all that this amazing city has to offer; we visited some exciting local hotspots and conferences, searching for the inspiration and innovation that we all know New York to be famous for. 

The ultimate beauty destination.
Brands we loved:

We pretty much wanted to buy everything they sold - it all looked ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. However, we restrained ourselves and below is a selection of our favourite selects from their beautiful range. We even noticed a few of their famous own brand products creeping into other retailers such as Urban Outfitters.​


CAP Beauty

We have been following CAP beauty for a while now, so we were thrilled that we finally we managed to get to one of their stores! As an intro here is how they introduce what they do on their site:

At CAP Beauty we live by the philosophy that “Beauty is Wellness. Wellness is Beauty” and we exist to share the products, practices and knowledge that create true radiance. We stock over 150 brands of products that are always 100% natural and teeming with nutrition and life force. At CAP Beauty the power of plants are at work to create change, both outside and in. Step inside our world and embrace the shift. High Vibrational Beauty starts here.


Sounds dreamy right?! Well, we can confirm it is indeed.
We first heard about CAP Beauty via @esteelalonde on her Youtube channel, where she interviews one of the co-founders...




Artists and Fleas

This company was a new find this trip. Here is how they introduce what they do on their site:

Artists & Fleas is a multi-merchant marketplace that has been disrupting retail for more than a decade by delivering ever-evolving and extraordinary shopping experiences. We believe marketplaces are the heartbeat of every city, and we’re dedicated to curating a selection of merchants who best represent the culture and craft unique to each of our neighbourhoods.


Founded in an empty Williamsburg warehouse on N. 6th Street by Ronen Glimer and Amy Abrams, Artists & Fleas has hosted thousands of merchants and buyers since opening its doors in December 2003...


These guys have 3 permanent New York locations and one in L.A, they also host a bunch of events too so check out their website and keep an eye out. As they select sellers to represent the culture of the location, each marketplace has a completely different vibe.

In their Soho location, for example, they have 40 individual artists and merchants so there is plenty to look at and keep you busy for a few hours.  New artists and merchants arrive every other week making it a great place to discover new, emerging talent and creativity. Perrrrfect!





New York Now

This year at NYN we picked up on loads of trends, here are some of our favourite themes!


Fluid Geometric
Mental Health Focussed Slogans
African Themes
Sustainable brands
Where should you go?

The Meat Packing District's Chelsea Market.

It seems like all modern cities now have a once industrial area that their youths have made oh-so-trendy, vibrant and a little expensive.

With it's converted warehouses and brick buildings, it's cobble stone streets, chic boutiques, galleries, cafes and exclusive night life - the Meat Packing District easily takes this prize for New York. It is one of the best areas for nightlife and has great daytime offerings too.

We love the Chelsea Market. This market is a block long and a block wide with more than thirty-five vendors purveying everything from soup to nuts, wine to coffee, cheese to cheesecake.

The 'long history—and the stripped-down brick architecture of the building gives the Market a unique character. For foodies and even casual tourists, it is possible to enter the Market at one end in the morning and not exit the other until lunchtime, without ever growing bored—and certainly without ever going hungry.'

The high line.

This beloved, elevated green space utilises abandoned rail tracks originally used by trains in 1934 to go through the centre of blocks, rather than over the avenue, carrying goods to and from Manhattan's largest industrial district.

This wildly popular public park  has served to revitalise Manhattan's lower West Side.

The High Line's 1.45-mile-long stretch runs from Gansevoort Street, in the Meatpacking District, through Chelsea, and up to 34th Street at its northern end. Eleven entrances allow visitors to hop on and off the raised promenade along the way.