The New Normcore


"There's an exhaustion with trying to seem different. People are genuinely tired by the fact that to achieve status you need to be different from everyone else around you." 


Minimal Utility stems from Normcore, which began its life as anti-fashion. Normcore was about anti-style; looking conventional, un-descript, anonymous and low key. Fashion has long been about making impactful statements - but in a world where everyone’s trying so hard to stand out, blending into the background is suddenly a way of being seen.

Previously associated with Scandi style, SS19 has evolved Normcore into something more street and outdoorsy; influenced by Japanese silhouettes and the desire to escape our screens and experience the natural world around us. Minimal Utility is a combination of core classic essentials with a utilitarian feel and durable fabrics. 

People in this trend are aware of what’s going on in the world and issues around them; they consciously consume and although they might not be the ones marching and screaming for change, they are actively making a difference with the everyday, educated, lifestyle choices they make and promote.


Minimal Utility is effortlessly unisex and forward-thinking, with practical shapes and muted neutrals paired with pops of colour.


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