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 It's architecture: picturesque and beautiful, it's graffiti: celebrated and commissioned.
Lisbon is an exciting collaboration between old and new, a city reclaimed by youth and creativity.

Lisbon seems to be on every travel bloggers feed at the moment, it has been called the next Berlin for creatives and graduates and seems to be thriving under its new, current and cool status.

Young Londoners have been migrating to Lisbon's steep and narrow streets for a while now - to enjoy the cheaper rent, 270 days of sunshine, relaxed latin attitudes, thriving bar and cafe culture, along with the vibrant art and growing startup scenes.


Around 10 years ago the city had a surplus of empty, run down buildings, beautiful or industrial and available at low prices. This cheaper accommodation facilitates entrepreneurial spirit and has allowed a cluster of creativity and youth to adopt the city as their own - similar to what happened in Berlin.

Alcántara was a dockside suburb just out of the centre of Lisbon. Once full of Empty warehouses, today these spaces are being used by musicians, film makers, ad agencies and fashion designers who are reinventing the area as a creative hub. The biggest of these being LX Factory - home to galleries, studios, bars and much more. Another highlight is Village Underground Lisboa which has a bar, gallery and cheap co-working studio spaces available.


Its streets are beautiful, pastel and oh-so-instagrammable, its drinks are cheap and drank in the warm streets, its people are welcoming and relaxed - when can we move in?

Style and Culture
Where should I head first?


Lisbon does tiles like no other, they have become part of the architecture of the city and are a beautiful, classical contradiction to the impressive amount of incredible street art covering the city. 

At night if you are not heading to Alcántara, you will want to climb the streets towards Bairro Alto - a central district lined with small bars and restaurants, which will all be spilling onto the street for a street party by nightfall.

There are many fashion studios emerging from and relocating to the city and it's inhabitance reflect this. With temperatures often soaring the cities residence seem to go for a relaxed and effortless style, almost Parisian, but cooler.


Throughout the unique districts of Lisbon you will be able to pick up original and interesting gifts, objects, artwork and accessories. As previously mentioned Lisbon is packed with creatives and the cities retail offerings reflect this with a focus on design, craftsmanship, quality materials and trend led solutions. 

There are also many vintage and thrift options around, including early morning markets which have eclectic mixes of clothing, brick-a-brack, furniture etc. You can also find a big undercover 'Time Out' Market filled with fresh produce, food and drink.

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