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We have been hearing the hype about Margate for a long time, so decided to take a day trip to the iconic seaside town to explore. 

We were charmed from the instant we stepped off of the train. Margate is infectiously inspirational; It has a charming, friendly vibe, and an unmissable quirky and evolving creative scene.

The eclectic mix of nostalgic seaside spirit of Dreamland, combined with hip cafes and bars, 

Epic Dreamland, 

Where should you go?


Tokyo has some amazing outside spaces and parks, which are all pretty much worth checking out. This was our first time in Tokyo during Cherry blossom season - this means that all the outdoors tourist attractions are a lot busier, but also 20 billion times more beautiful(and instagramable)! 

Radio Margate 


This is the 'electronic distric', you can find loads of MASSIVE arcades and Manga stores along side tonnes of electronic and gadget stores. Make sure to a take a watch, because it's easy to loose track of time in the aracdes - you will find many people there who look like they have done just that, and have possibly been there for a few days.  

Fort Road Yard

So many people go to Japan simply for the amazing cuisine - and there is so much more to offer than sushi. Here are some things we checked out that we  would 100% recommend: