SS/19 has given self-care a strong and active re-brand.


People are living longer, social media is getting us down, men still can’t talk about their problems and people are loosing track of how many calorie counting apps they have.

This trend is not only concerned about all of the tolls and issues modern life is throwing our way, but it educates us with kick-ass, natural solutions and positive celebrations to combat them. Ways to take back control of our emotional well being and fight back!

Whether you choose squats, ingestible beauty, meditation, going plant based or a social media cleanse – project YOU is underway and ready to help you look and most importantly feel INCREDIBLE. You got this!


@ASOS active wear

Along with their launch video linked above Asos said: 'There’s loads more to it than just keeping fit, feeling the burn or wanting to quit. It’s the adventure, the squad time, the freshest gym kit...'

Oi Polloi

A mens clothing website - that really caters for the street-wear side to this trend.


'Offering essential products for men, women and children. Our mission is to democratise quality clothing through accessible, well made, durable products designed to be used and loved for a long time."


A Danish rainwear company founded in 2012, the classic raincoat has never been so chic.

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