Scandi minimalism has been cool for too long and we’re all boredddd. MORE is more.

British, eccentric and opulent, Eclectic Heritage is all about celebrating having no rules and being laid-back. It’s experimental and ostentatious. It’s the rock-n-roll ‘I woke up this cool’ attitude.

This is a trend full of traditional patterns and loud texture clashes, vintage pieces mixed with designer goods, and luxurious items of quality and substance.

Compared to our commercial friends across the pond, this trend  celebrates London as the home of daring, romantic and exuberant individuals.



Photographer and activist Petra Collin's work has a beautiful, eclectic, nostalgia to it. She has shoot and art directed a lot of GUCCI's recent campaigns.

Harry Styles

This ex-boyband superstar has been busy reinventing himself as a fresh icon. With hints of Bowie and the New Romantics in this new style he has been strutting about in a range of flamboyant GUCCI suits.

Jessica Anne Woodley

Jessica is an online influencer and runs about London with other edgy and designer clad, wealthy cool kids - all whilst looking enviably fabulous. We love to follow her Instagram for lifestyle-envy & fashion-inspo!

Elton John

Famous for his fantastical and glamorous glasses, performances and suits. For Sir Elton, nothing has ever been 'too much'. His eccentric and peacockish tastes really embody this trend.

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