Another Kind

of Life


The Barbican spring exhibition focussing on the lives of 20 photographic characters over the past half century.

Another kind of life presents subjects that advocated change both knowingly and unknowingly, living on the very edges of society and away from the mainstream of the time. These photographers spent years and decades not observing but immersed in their subjects, living their contrived lives and documenting their snuggle living in the margins of society.


Focussing on themes of contested rights, gender, race, belief and counter-cultures. The exhibition reflects a time where even today our individual rights are still being contested and people marginalised by political and social narratives.

ANOTHER KIND OF LIFE - Photography on the Margins

The Barbican Gallery

Silk Street

City of London


20 Photographers - 20 Lives

Presented is a wide array of lifetyle narratives, or more monologues in this context. These lives differ by decade, views and place yet all converge as being worlds on the very edges of social "normality". From Parisian youth gangs of the 70's, travelling Circus cultures to San Francisco homeless movements. Room by room, these portraits provide deep and meaningful insight into marginalised worlds, not from a documentary stance but unusually from the eyes of a repressed human life.