The re-opening show of the Hayward Gallery after its 2 year refurbishment. Andreas Gursky has worked for the past 4 decades in photographic and photo manipulation mediums, presenting us with an alternative snapshot of our real world. Typically Gursky focusses on the massive, the enormous and structure, depicting scenes of our man-made world through an onlookers perspective. In a gallery setting, this perspective offers us a view into the world outside and offers the chance to ask questions whether we agree with what we have done to this world.

Providing an almost dystopian view of what is real life, Gursky's work allows the world to reconsider...

Andreas Gursky - London Hayward Gallery
LOCATION - London South Bank

The Hayward Gallery

South Bank Centre

Belvedere Road

London - SW



Fiction & Reality

Gursky's visual storytelling is of both reality and altered reality. Depicting scenes in both full reality, and also heavily edited landscapes. Pictured below mid, the Rhine is shown as a single band of water in an abstract style. All trees, rubbish and a Coal fired power plant have been removed to show an altered perspective of abstraction in a perfect world.

Giving an opportunity to view and tweak everyday scenes, Gurky's Hayward retrospective comes at a perfect time to promote questions as to how we view our world for the coming future.