A city famous for so many reasons.
This is the canal covered Dutch capital that has always given us beauty,
controversy, innovation, history and excitement.

Amsterdam is one of Europe's most popular cities for weekends away, it claims to be a city for everyone and that no other place can boast it's artistic heritage, beautiful architecture, and eclectic culture quite like Amsterdam does.

Lots of our Designers love this city for so many reasons, there is a vast and happening art scene with numerous galleries and events to check out. The attitude is relaxed and accepting, its history is rich, interesting and deep, there is so much to do here whatever your budget and interests - we could not wait for another chance to explore this exciting city.

Style and Culture
Q / Where did we go?

We went  all over! On the hunt for new and exciting products, designs and inspiration;

we started by exploring all the small shops and hidden gems that line the lively streets and beautiful canals. We especially enjoyed the interior and cosmetic selection that these shops had to offer.

A lot of the cosmetics had a simple, natural or honest feel to them, focusing on one or two active ingredients. Their packaging was type heavy, simple and looked beautiful against the more texture heavy and rustic furniture often in the stores.


Throughout the different areas of Amsterdam you can find an abundance of shops, cafes and interesting hot spots. Download our PDF to take a further look at all our product findings.